Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rhys Chatham's Astrological Advice for Musicians: June

Aries - The Ram - March 20 to April 20

Evaluate the projects you have started to see how they are coming along. This is a time when you will normally be swimming in a sea of musical ideas; the only problem is, you might be experiencing a bit of confusion about which ones to pursue.

During the first part of the month, make an effort to concretize any ideas for new directions you've been having, and be sure to try them out. Play your pieces or songs for trusted friends and colleagues to get feedback and energy; any effort you make in this direction will pay off, but you'll have to make the effort first. If you're in a band, don't hesitate to try out your ideas. It should become clearer towards the end of the month which ones are worth pursuing. At any rate, communication in general will flow more freely.

For those born between April 14-20, be sure to do a lot of networking and partying, because you'll really be at your best. Towards the end of the month you might feel a strong sexual attraction to people. If this should occur, don't worry: it's normal and will not last forever. By all means, have as much sex as possible; touring is also favored during this period.

Taurus - The Bull - April 21 to May 21

Present planetary influences favor communication of all sorts, so clear your evenings and take the time to network and go partying; you'll certainly have the energy for it. If any interpersonal problems have been brewing in the band, now is the time to air them--at least from your point of view, as you'll see the issues clearly and be able to appreciate others' point of view as well.

If you need to change course on one of your songs, compositions or other musical projects, discipline will come relatively easily this month, so now is the time to reign in all those disparate ideas you've been having and impose a bit of order on them, taking a fresh approach for the weeks to follow.

Spring is in the air and along with it physical attractions of all sorts. Be sure to take advantage of them if you are presently unattached. This energy will be quite strong, particularly towards the end of the month. For those in a monogamous relationship, exploring new approaches to sensuality and carnal pleasure will bring untold rewards for those who dare!

Gemini - The Twins- May 22 to June 22

With your birthday this month, June is a time of new beginnings. Have a look at what you've accomplished this year and take the time to think about your plans for the coming months. Work on any existing projects will normally flow along quite smoothly for now; make every effort to tap deeper into the realms of the unconscious for new ideas, because doing so will come easily to you at present.

Be careful with any authority figures in your life such as band leaders, managers, bosses, or the like, as you are likely to want to break out of any restrictions that you feel have been placed on you. Just remember that it was you who agreed to work under these restrictions in the first place. You might feel a bit undisciplined in general, because you are experience a yearning to break out of your usual routine and try something new. If an opportunity to do so presents itself, be sure to take it, because otherwise you'll feel frustrated. This same energy leads to a tendency to be accident-prone, so be sure to let the restless spirit within you express itself!

It's spring and your birthday is this month, so by all means get out there and socialize. Just be careful not to overindulge, because you'll probably be tempted to.

Cancer - The Crab - June 23 to July 22

Practicing or anything else that requires self-discipline might be a bit difficult at the start of June. However, after the first week, it will be as though a cloud has lifted and you'll find your mind in an orderly state. This will be an excellent time to make concrete plans for the near future.

If you've been trying to cope with a difficult or blocked financial situation, the solution is to get organized and make every effort to tie up any loose ends. This is no time to hide your head in the sand with respect to any horrors that your bank account might hold. Don't avoid your banker; you need to play by the rules at this time, and the best way to do that is to meet the situation head on. In fact, energy present after the middle of the month favors resolution of financial matters in general, especially making new arrangements for a project already begun. You'll certainly be able to argue your point of view during this period and will work well with others, because you will be relatively balanced emotionally, particularly towards the middle of the month.

An excellent time for new activities. It will be normal for you to feel unusually strong sexual urges towards the end of the month, but they won't last forever. By all means, take advantage of any opportunity that might present itself during this period, always remembering to take the proper precautions.

Leo - The Lion - July 23rd to August 22

Make an effort to be sensitive to other people's feelings, as there will be a tendency towards being argumentative, especially towards the middle of the month. If there has been sexual tension brewing in the band, or in any other professional context for that matter, it will probably boil over towards the end of the month. You'll be thinking more clearly then, so this would be a good time to get things out in the open, or at least have a frank talk.

Aspects to Neptune and Jupiter have the potential to make this month a very creative and productive one for you. Be careful, however, of excess. You'll definitely feel like partying at the start of June; try to avoid overdoing it with booze or mind-deadening drugs, as your psycho-physical complex will be especially sensitive during this period

If you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to "go for it" with respect to that completely extravagant and unrealistic project that you've been itching to do for ages, don't drag your feet and be prepared to act quickly if funding unexpectedly presents itself, for there is an energy present which favors financial support from unexpected quarters.

Virgo - The Virgin-August 23rd to September 22

Look at any current projects or looming situations that you have going on and review them, because they are likely to be challenged in some way this month. You need to validate what you are presently doing and make any necessary adjustments.

You're likely be having nagging feelings of insecurity or doubt about what you have been doing. If you've been experiencing confusion about current directions, don't lose heart quite yet; your mind will be functioning more clearly during the opening weeks of June. You'll have the energy as well as the vision to edge your way to the light at the end of the tunnel. When looking at your projects, ask yourself what it is about them that make them your unique voice rather than someone else's. Focusing on this will enable you to breathe fresh life into your music, possibly leading to an unexpected new direction towards the end of the month. Be careful, however, to avoid starting new projects before finishing the ones you are currently working on, for you are nearing the end of a cycle that started roughly 14 years ago. This period is more one of culminations than one of embarking on something completely new.

If you've been having a tough time lately or feeling the blues, take a good, hard look at the situation and make every effort to face the truth and see things clearly, even if it's unpleasant. Cut to the heart of the matter and define a goal to reach. Once this has been accomplished, success may already be within reach!

Libra - The Scales - September 23 to October 22

In general, things sail along smoothly during the month of June. Your energy will be up, you will experience a period of equilibrium in your life: one where you can just be yourself, with the fewest obstacles from people or circumstances. A favorable aspect with Neptune, the ruler of music, allows you to tap deeply into the unconscious. This should be a fertile period of creativity of all kinds.

Your mind is active, and, towards the end of the month, will be unusually clear. This period is favored for getting rid of any backlog of paperwork, so use the opportunity to make those long put-off phone calls and email responses.

If you've been feeling stuck in a rut lately or that there is a general lack of excitement in your life, now would be a good time to do things that nourish you. Get back in touch with the senses by focusing on your body and mind: have a love affair, for example! Do things that make you feel vibrant and healthy, and start responding deeply to life. If you've been feeling restrained on any level, now is the time to express yourself. A touch of poetry may be what is needed. Go for the delights of the senses this month – food, pleasure, and beauty.

Scorpio - The Scorpion-October 23 to November 22

Current energies present for Scorpio can have two completely different effects, depending on how you have been handling things recently:

On the negative side, this can be a time of conflict. Recent actions, either on your part or on that of other people, may have created energies that lead to anger, rage, or general disagreement. Put less dramatically, unless you have been working on yourself of late, all manner of subconscious energies are likely to be stirred up that will make you difficult and not easy to get along with. This is not a good time to resolve any problems that have been festering with the band or your manager.

On a more positive note, this period can be a time when some activity of yours is brought to a triumphal climax. In either case, it is important now to achieve a creative working relationship with others. Your present actions will create consequences for the future; what you do now will largely determine how the whole project, whatever it is, will work out in the long run.

Your creative energies will be highly stimulated this month, so that is something on the plus side; but be careful about overindulgence of all kinds--especially overdoing it with food and drink, because you'll be tempted. This would include sex as well, so be careful of any new relationship you might form in June, because you might well be lacking in discrimination. Such a relationship might be OK for now, but make it withstand the test of time before committing to anything serious.

Sagittarius - The Centaur -November 23 to December 22

An energy is present which favors wrapping up your various projects, so June would be a good time to put the finishing touches on that new song or polish the rough edges on your latest masterpiece. If there are areas of your life that haven't worked out very well over the last six months, don't feel defeated by it; you can learn from your mistakes with the information you've gained, and launch a new project that will avoid the flaws of the one that failed.

Aspects to Saturn and Uranus suggest that unexpected events may occur that test your ability to withstand change and stay on the path that you have chosen for yourself. If you've been feeling discouraged, take a look at your circumstances to see what has been holding you back. It may be that now is the time to break free of any restricting relationships or situations. Change is in the air during June for Sagittarius!

If you've been having difficulty making an important decision on deciding whether or not to walk away from a difficult project, situation, or relationship that you've spent a long time working on, it's definitely time to get off the fence and change direction. It will take a huge load off your mind if you do.

Capricorn - The Goat - December 23 to January 21

Things should run fairly smoothly in June without any special effort; you should be able to make significant progress and get a great deal done, so take advantage of this and accomplish as much as possible. You energy will be high, and you'll normally be willing to work. While this period generally favors initiating all kinds of projects and activities, it's more likely that you will work on projects that you have started earlier. Collaborative projects of all sorts are particularly favored from mid-June until the end of the month.

Aspects to Venus favor personal and amorous relationships, and a conjunction to Mars arouses strong sexual attraction, possibly even of a mildly kinky variety. If the opportunity arises, go for it by all means; sexual satisfaction is particularly intense under this transit. Even without sex, you'll be very happy with other people, particularly as the month progresses. You will feel more attractive than usual and may well be the life of the party!

If you have been going through a period of relative inactivity due to not having been able to disentangle yourself from a situation, or otherwise being unable to let go of something or someone, now is the time to get out more and open yourself to new experiences and situations. Define a specific goal you would like to obtain within this context. Success will be within your reach if you do.

Aquarius - The Water Carrier - January 22 to February 20

June will be a period of high energy, balance, and equilibrium; normally, you will encounter the fewest obstacles from people and situations. Examine the projects you started over the past few months that have worked out well, and begin preparing them for a time in the near future when they will reach a critical culmination. Success in these matters is almost at hand, so you should spend some time preparing for it; if you are not ready when the moment comes, any effort you have put into it so far will have been wasted.

You'll be able to assert yourself effectively this month and accomplish a great deal of work. You might, however, find that you are being tested in some way to demonstrate the validity of what you are doing and challenged, either by circumstances or people. All this energy might channel into your being argumentative, and lead to disputes. You won't feel like making compromises, but this is precisely what you should do--especially if you can mange to do so without giving ground on essential points.

Having a blow-out might actually be a good thing, clearing the air of tensions that have been building recently. If you feel you must do this, a favorable time would be towards the end of the month, when aspects to Mercury make your mind unusually clear. You'll be able to state your case forcefully before others, should the need arise.

Pisces - The Fish - February 21 to March 19

You may experience challenges this month with respect to getting a project off the ground. It's as if some part of you were struggling to get into the light, but the world is demanding that it prove itself before being allowed to enter. Keep at it; you can be confident that things will bear fruit in about three months, based on your current efforts.

Aspects to Mars give you the potential for great physical vitality; you'll be able to work hard and accomplish much. Even if you are normally shy or retiring in nature, you'll find that this month you will be able to be more assertive towards others and stand up for your views in any controversy. New opportunities to be personally effective open up under this transit. If you're in a group, by all means make your contribution because your energy will compliment that of the group. You will know what you want and how to get it without causing people to resist you while you're at it.

Aspects to Venus favor all kinds of group activities. This transit is also likely to provide personal advancement as a result of a favorable impression you make on a producer, agent, bandleader, boss, or other person in authority.

For those born between February 28 – March 7, a current aspect to Saturn that only happens once every 28 years might be taking the wind out of your sails a bit, and you have probably been feeling somewhat overburdened. If this is the case, don't get discouraged. The best way to deal with it is to go with the flow and not to fight events. This transit represents a period of endings, and it's important to understand that these endings will be followed by new beginnings. This energy will not last forever, so it's important not to allow yourself to be frustrated or overly saddened by the endings and keep in mind that there will soon be exciting new projects on the horizon.

Rhys Chatham is a composer from New York who has lived in Paris since 1988.

Art Work: Florian Quistrebert